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Weds 27th January

Geography: To understand life in France and the differences and similarities to life in the UK

Complete the class timetable for your day in school (before COVID).


Read through the power point about school life in France and the French information sheet (Below)

Click the links on the slides.  Answer the questions on slide 1, 2 and 3 – this needs to be written in paragraphs.

Task: Now you know a little more about school life in France. I would like you to write another paragraph about where you would like to go to school – UK or France and explain why using evidence from what you have read and know

French: To say what your likes and dislikes in French.

Complete the likes and dislikes sheet and draw or copy and paste 10 images of toys you like and dislike.

J’aime – I like  

Je n’aime pas – I don’t like 

J’adore – I love 

Je détèste – I hate 

Then using the French sentence starters above write 10 sentences tell me which toys you like and dislike.  Use the link to help you and I have also included some below to help you.

la peluche – cuddly toy              la voiture - car

la poupée – doll                       le vélo - bike 

la console – games console       le ballon - football 

le skate – skateboard