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Wednesday 6th January

Wednesday 5th January 2021

To understand how actions can tell you about a character's feelings


When you have done your work today, make sure you email all of the work to .  You should send in photos or videos, and a copy of the worksheet.  If you can't print or save it, work on paper and take a photo.

Re-read the story of The Old Mill - by Pie Corbett - make sure you do re-read it!

The Old Mill - Pie Corbett

If you want to read along while I retell the story, you can watch this video

First of all, think about VERBS.
Then choose 3 verbs from the text 'The Old Mill'.  Act out those verbs and make a little video or take some photos.

Read the text then think about Jo's actions. The author doesn't tell you how Jo is feeling, he makes her do things that hint at how she is feeling. Can you work them out?

These are exactly the same files, just as PDFs in case your computer doesn't have Word.