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Wednesday 6th January

PSHE Part 1: L.O: To know the importance of the term Promise.


What does the word Promise mean? Are promises important? Why?

Think of a time when someone promised you something and write it down on ‘The Promise’ template. What was promised? What was your expectation of the person doing the promising? Did the person honour their promise? ( look in a dictionary if you are unsure what honour means)  If not, why not? Can you explain the link between trust and promising something?  Then, look up the following words in a dictionary and note down the meaning of each:- Oath, Vow, Agreement 

How is a promise different to a vow?


P.E- L.O To use footwork in a variety of ways


Moving in different ways in sports is important so watch this video and practise different footwork and see if you the agility to work in different ways


Watch this video and record how did you feel after this lesson