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Wednesday 10th February

Geography:  To compare the physical and human geography of Paris and Manchester

Watch the 2 links above about Paris and Manchester

SEND/INA: Create a persuasive poster for both Manchester and Paris – telling people to visit and why it is an amazing place to visit.

Year 5 and 6: Pick either Paris or Manchester – create a persuasive poster for that city about all the good things to do there. Then write a persuasive letter (informal) to a friend about why they should move to the city you chose. What is life like there, what can they do/see etc. Use all your topic work to write a detailed letter.  

Use the checklists to help you write good letter     

French: To give opinions -

C’est super – it’s super 

C’est magnifique – it’s magnificent 

C’est fantastique – its fantastic  

C’est génial – it’s awesome 

C’est hyper-cool – it’s really cool

Look at the phrases above and the  French opinion phrases sheet – they help to express an opinion about anything. Using the flash card about toys – and using the like and dislike phrases from week 3 write 5 sentences about what you like and dislike and give me your opinion too.

J’aime – I like  

Je n’aime pas – I don’t like 

J’adore – I love 

Je détèste – I hate

Then pick one item from the toys and create a selling advert poster for it using the opinion phrases.