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Tuesday 9th February

RE: L.O: Creation – What do Sikhs and Jewish people believe about how the world was created?

Watch the 2 power points about how the Jewish people and the Sikh people believe the world was created.

Write 2 short paragraphs 1 about what the Jewish people believe and another about what the Sikh people believe.


Then compare the two – are there any similarities? If so what? Which creation thought do you think makes sense the Jewish one or the Sikhism one and why? (Remember I not asking you which one you believe just which ideas you think makes more sense and why).

P.E:  – To be able to persevere at a challenge

This week, we will be setting two challenges on your PE day to see if you can step up to the challenge.  Go the foundation/topic star and you will see the video challenge.

Good luck and don’t forget to email back on how you got on๐Ÿ˜Š