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Tuesday 9th February

RE: L.O: Creation – What do Sikhs and Jewish people believe about how the world was created?

Watch the 2 power points about how the Jewish people and the Sikh people believe the world was created.

Write 2 short paragraphs 1 about what the Jewish people believe and another about what the Sikh people believe.


Then compare the two – are there any similarities? If so what? Which creation do you think makes sense the Jewish one or the Sikhism one and why? (Remember I am not asking you which one you believe just which ideas you think makes more sense and why).

P.E:  – To be able to persevere at a challenge


This week, we will be setting two challenges on your PE day this week to see if you can step up to the challenge.  

Click on the video below and have a go with the todays challenge.

Good luck and don’t forget to email back on how you got on😊

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