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Thursday 7th January

Thursday 7th January 2021

To write actions that imply feelings and thoughts


Today you are going to be writing a short piece of writing, about 10 or 15 lines long (don't forget to go right to the end of the lines - no short answers!) about how a character reacts.  They are going to do something, and this will show how they are feeling.  For example:


Reza walked slowly down the stairs, checking behind him as he went.  As he got into the hall, he took off his shoes so that they didn't squeak on the cold, hard floor of the hall.  He stepped quietly over the cat who was snoozing on the front door mat, and put his glove on before he turned the handle of the door.


As he opened the front door, Reza shivered.  Not just a small shake, but his whole body shook for several seconds.  Sweat was running down his forehead, and his hands were clammy.


Choose one of the scenarios below, then do the numbered list. 

  1. Make a list of 5 things they might do - for example, smile, laugh, cry, whatever fits.
  2. Write down where the person is.  Who else is there?  How do they react?
  3. Write down a new FANBOY or WABUB that you want to put in your writing. 
  4. Don't write down how they feel, but think about how what they do will show how they feel.


Choose one of these to write about:

  • you have won the lottery
  • you have just had your bike stolen from the front garden
  • you are in the park on your own
  • you meet up with your long-lost twin who you haven't seen for 30 years (yes you are old now!)


When you have written your writing, send it to and then Mr Plaskitt will help you with the next step.