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Every Friday the school has a Superstars Assembly at 9.10am. This is where children chosen by their teachers for good work are rewarded. Parents of those children chosen will be personally invited to the assembly, but other parents are also welcome.
The Superstars will be recorded in the table below:




Bubble- Daiam for settling beautifully into Nursery.

Remote- Musa for gorgeous teddy bear pictures and working hard all week.

Reception (Kerr)-

Bubble- Osman for fantastic work in his phonics.

Remote- Adil for trying his best even when he has found the work hard.

Year 1 (Murphy)-

Bubble- Rahmat for working independently.

Remote-Umayrah for an excellent explanation of the fire hazards around the home in English

Year 2


Bubble- Linda for working hard on improving her listening and focusing skills.

Remote- Shah for completing all his tasks to a great standard.

Year 3 (Ahlberg)-

Remote- Imtiaz for coming back from half term with vigour and working really hard at getting things done on Purple Mash

Year 3 (Rundell)-

Bubble- Esme for brilliantly using all her knowledge in the Maths ‘End of Unit’ assessment. 

Remote- Samuel for giving everything a go, and finding ways round doing tasks when they are tricky to complete.

Year 4 (Zommer)-

Bubble- Tyler for helping others during PE. 

Remote- Naeel for working hard and completing all his work 

Year 5


Remote- Hani for an amazing effort and producing some excellent work.

Bubble- Rola for super effort and contribution in PE this week.

Year 5/6


Remote- Radiya for working hard and producing some great work.

Bubble- Ali for being an OVERALL superstar!

Year 6


Remote- Tanisha for always trying her best and persevering even when she finds things difficult.