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Roaring Readers

ROAR - Raising Our Attainment in Reading



Once every half term the school has a special Roaring Lions Assembly at 9.05am. This is where children are rewarded for showing a big improvement in their reading.  Parents of those children chosen will be personally invited to the assembly, but other parents are also welcome.


For the half term up to February 2020,  our Roaring Readers are:-


Kerr Yusuf Ali For showing 100% commitment to his reading.
Murphy Atiyah Bisuga For great effort to improve her decoding skills
Carle Yusha Luben For making excellent progress and moving up a group.
Jeffers Aneesa Ahmed Showing a real interest and commitment to improve her reading.
Rundell Yamin Ahmed For choosing wisely.
Ahlberg Orpita Alam Always having a positive attitude to reading and always challenging herself.
Zommer Aaliyah Idris-Alexander For a great improvement in her reading.
Palacio Naseeba Hasan For a huge improvement in her comprehension lessons.
Rauf Sayma Barsha Alam For always showing an interest and enthusiasm for new books.
Sachar Milhan Chowdhury For being a book worm and always reading challenging books that interest him.