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Spring 1 Remote Learning

Hi everyone, I do hope you are all safe and well at home with your families.

I miss you all very much. Please E-mail me or message me if you need help with anything and try to email pictures of your work so I can give you feedback. It's lovely to see how hard you are all working. 

We will be making phone calls home to hear you read once a week using our Oxford Owl online reading books. This call will also be to check how you are doing and give you chance to raise any concerns/ask questions/ tell us some of your news/ just have a friendly chat. 

Please see below our 'Remote Learning' which will be uploaded daily and work through each lesson slide. If you don't have a printer you can work on paper. 

Big, massive, huge love to you all, you amaze me every day- Mrs Stokes heart

Sheets provided for Maths and English have a coloured dot in the top right hand corner. Red/Blue- Easy   Green- Quite hard   Yellow/Orange- Hardest