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Monday 8th February

Science: To learn about some well-known naturalists’ and animal behaviourists’ work  

If you can step outside into your garden or if you can go for a walk then sit and observe nature. What can you see, what can you hear, and what can you smell? Quietly write notes about things you spot –move slowly as you write so as to not disturb any wildlife. Hopefully, over 10–15 minutes, birds and mini-beasts should be seen and heard.

Watch the link above about David Attenborough who is a Natural Scientist.

Year 6 Task: Research your own Natural Scientist and write a biography about them – don’t worry about their early and family life too much just focus more about them as a scientist and what made them become a natural scientist. Use the features of a biography to help you write it.

Once you have written you biography I would like you to compare your scientist with David Attenborough and again how are they different/similar. Who do you think is the better Natural scientist and why?


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