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Handwriting (Thursdays only)

For today's lesson, you need to look through ALL these resources before you start.  Then, when you have looked at everything, watch the video and follow along.  You can pause it whenever you want, but you must join in at the same time as Mr Plaskitt.

Here are some resources you COULD use for handwriting. You don't have to have them because you need a printer for them. You could just use a piece of paper with lines on.

Before you start your handwriting lesson, you will need:


  1. a pen or pencil - black or blue pen, handwriting pencil.  No fancy colours, no feathers, tassles etc.
  2. a piece of lined paper.
  3. a quiet place
  4. a table and chair


Remember, you can pause the video any time you need to to give yourself more time to write, before Mr Plaskitt carries on to the next part of the lesson.


Have a look at how to sit properly for your handwriting lesson.