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Friday 8th January


ART – L.O: To collect ideas as a starting point.


We will be looking at Lino printing this half term which is creating a printing block pattern.

Watch the link below and answer the questions

Did Angie Lewin use a paintbrush to create her art work? What tools did the children see? Compile a list of tools she used.

Google the artist Angie Lewin and look at examples of her work. Then answer the following questions.


What is similar about her prints? Does she use lots of different colours or just a few? What does she like to paint and where do they think she might go to get her ideas? Ask the children to talk to their learning partners about what they like or dislike about Angie Lewin’s work 


Search for images linked to France – Iris flower, apples, macarons, perfume etc. Create a mood board of images related to France that you could use to help you create your pattern for printing.

I want these mood boards emailed to me please. The page should be covered in images – not just four or five pictures.