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Friday 8th January

Religious Studies 

Question - What is prayer? 

Think about - 

What does it mean to pray?

Who helps?

  • Make a list of the person you turn to when things go wrong. A parent? Grandparent? Their best friend? An older brother or sister?


  • Write a sentence for each person explaining how they help you. 


Picturing those who help us - 

Who loves you? We talk to the people we are closest to because they love us and look after us, which helps us feel good.

  • Draw a picture of the people you think of who love you. 


Talking to God 

Believers talk to God for the same reasons, this is called praying.

While it might be tempting to think that God grants magic wishes, for religious people prayer is really about friendship, love and support.

  •  Write something would like to say to, or ask God.


For many religious believers, God is like their mum, best friend and big brother all rolled into one.