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Friday 15th January

Art. LO- To plan how to use digital images and combine with other media in my art.​ 

How to Copy and Paste Pictures from Google

Copying and pasting pictures from Google on PowerPoint.

PSHE. LO- To understand why it is important to listen to others


Think about:

What are the 4 worst emotions?

Task 1

Complete the following statements, on individual slips of paper


I feel sad when…

 I feel lonely when…

I feel ______ when…

I feel ______ when…

Task 2

Look at the “Agony Aunt” activity. An agony aunt is someone you write to when you have a problem and they give you advice on how to solve your problem. I want you to write an example of a problem someone might be facing in school. For example, being called mean names. Then I want you to be the agony aunt and offer advice on how to solve the problem.