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Welcome to Ahlberg class. Our class is named after the author Allan Ahlberg who is famous for writing many children's stories including The Jolly Postman and It was a Dark and Stormy night.


Class teacher - Mr Plaskitt

Teaching assistants - Mrs Shepard and Mr Kelly


Here is some useful information about our class.

Keeping Safe

Our class bubble has a handwashing area and a hygiene station.  We make sure that we wash our hands lots of times in the day and we have all been taught about 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it'.  We sit side by side (not face to face), facing forwards and we don't share our resources with other bubbles.  Ahlberg class eat our lunch in the classroom but we do not mix with any other bubbles.  We get lots of fresh air throughout the day and Ahlberg class have our own zone to play outside.

This year there will be a big push on spelling, reading and handwriting. Please make sure any spellings sent home are learnt, the children are reading with an adult regularly and handwriting sheets are completed neatly.



Children have P.E. on a Wednesday morning.  Please send your child in P.E. kit for the whole school day on a Wednesday - they will not be able to get changed in school.  Please remember, they are being picked up at 1:30pm on Wednesdays, and will be coming home in their P.E. kit too.


Year 3 children - Swimming for the boys and girls is now Tuesday mornings and will start once risk assessments for the coach journey have been finalised.




We are re-organising our reading books in school.  Once this is sorted, we will send a reading book home.  Your child should read for at least 15 minutes every day, and fill in their reading record every day.  They have been shown in school how to fill the book in, and can do this themselves, but please SIGN it every day to show that you have seen them read.  In Year 3, they should be able to read to themselves - they don't HAVE to read to you, but please make sure that they do read for 15 minutes, as the best way to learn to read is to practise.  



Homework is given out every MONDAY. Children have a piece of work to complete and return back to school by the following THURSDAY. The homework set is work the children have been doing in class and is to reinforce their understanding. 


They have a Home Learning sheet stuck in their Home Learning Books - this gives details of the spellings, reading, writing, maths and geography work they need to complete.


Spellings are given out every week so that the children have almost a week to learn them ready for a test the following Friday.


They will need a clean, clear, quiet space at home to do their homework, no TV or other noises to distract them, and need to write all their work in pencil.  Some children are starting to get a 'pen licence' and write in pen in school - once they have moved over to pen, they will be given a blue pen to write with at home too.  Please make sure all homework is completed with a pencil/blue pen as it is difficult to read what they have written if they choose a colour for themselves!


Please check your child's bag daily for any letters that have been given out.


Home Learning Project

Each half term, just before the holidays, the children will have a project to complete.  This will fit in with our learning for the next term, and will get them to think about what we might be working on.  This will also be stuck in their Home Learning books.


Book bags

The children need to have their book bags in school every day.  We read their home reading books with the children in class to check whether they are on the right level of book, and to assess their reading.  Also, letters are kept more safely in book bags - but please check their bags every day.  







We go swimming every other Tuesday at Tameside Wellness Centre in Denton.


Children have to have a swimming costume, a hat and a towel.  


We leave school at 13:50 and are back at around 15:25 - depending on the traffic!


This is the leaflet sent out to everyone about swimming, and the letter with instructions.