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Keeping safe

Our class bubble has a handwashing area and a hygiene station. We make sure that we wash our hands lots of times in the day and we have all been taught about 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it'. We sit side by side (not face to face), facing forwards and we don't share our resources with other bubbles. Palacio class eat our lunch in the classroom, we do not mix with any other bubbles. We get lots of fresh air throughout the day and Palacio class have our own zone to play outside.


Palacio class have PE on a Thursday. Please send your child to school wearing their PE kit instead of their school uniform. They will keep this on for the day. 

Please see letter below, given out on the 11.09.20 




Homework is given out on a Friday, this needs to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday. Homework can be found on Purple Mash, in the 2do section.

Each half term there will also be an exciting project set for the class (linking to their class topic).

Book bags

Book bags need to be brought into school daily, please check your child's book bag for letters and forms.