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Autumn 2

This half term our first text has been Brother Eagle and Sister Sky. It is a Native American myth with a message about how to look after nature/ Earth because if we don't the it will be destroyed. 


We are writing an alternative ending to the story and so we looked at other stories that have alternative endings. He hot seated some of the characters.




On Monday the 9th November we had a visit from our CEO Mr Hughes. We had prepared some questions to ask him about what is like being a CEO and why he became part of Harmony Trust.

We really enjoyed his visit and hope he comes back to visit us soon. 


In Science we are studying about Earth and Space. This week we looked at the Solar system and how the planets differ in size.

Using plasticine we created the Solar system.




In science we have looked at the Moon orbiting Earth and how it has different phases. 

We used Oreo cookies to show the different phases of the moon.



In DT we have designed our own Brooches. We have created a paper model of our flower and then have a go at doing running stitch. 





Our Half term project was based around the Solar System. Here are some examples of the work we did. 






On Thursday 10th December it was Christmas Jumper day and we were reading the poem The Grinch. 

We had a surprise visit from The Grinch.


Monday 14th December we had a digital workshop from Royal Observatory Greenwich, about the Solar System. We learnt how the solar system was formed and the different belts around us including the Asteroid Belt, Kupier Belt and the Oort Cloud.